UFPEA Overview

Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA) was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organisation that brings together all industrial fish processors in Uganda. Later it formally registered in 1999 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital. The core business of UFPEA members is processing, value addition and export of fish and fishery products to different destinations

Nile Perch nutritional attributes.

The Nile Perch is known for its high level of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is a firm white flesh fish caught in the wild waters of Lake Victoria and other fresh water lakes in the East African region.

Fish consumption trends in the EU indicate that Nile perch is a highly preferred cheaper near substitute for the popular white flesh fish species like the cod, hake, halibut and hoki and is highly favoured by  the European market hence its competitive advantage. 

UFPEA Markets Chart

The European Union is the major import market for Uganda’s Nile Perch and it accounts for approximately over 60% of the total exported quantity of fish from Uganda. Ugandan processors profitably add more value to their current products by packaging, glazing, and portioning to the required retail standards for EU consumers.

The UFPEA Fish Processing Industry Documentary

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