Perfect Events, with funding from GIZ –RFBC together with other partners i.e. Directorate of Fisheries Resources, NAFIRRI, FFOU, UFPEA, UFFCA, and WCU have organized the second edition of the fish festival which will take place on the 1st December 2019 at forever resort next to Source of the Nile bridge.

The festival provides business communities in the fisheries industry, families and fish lovers an opportunity to networking, sharing and appreciating the value chain challenges of fish from fishing, farming/harvesting, transportation, processing to consumption.

Guests arriving at the venue
Exhibitions at the fish festival









What are the objectives of this event?

The main objective of this event is to promote the fisheries and aquaculture industry by influencing behavioral change. However, the following are some of the other objectives of this event;

  • To promote Knowledge exchange through networking
  • To offer a platform where blue innovations and research findings can be shared to allow the business communities to exploit the available opportunities
  •  To offer a platform where sustainable Nile Perch Fisheries management and its implementation can be explained and promoted
  •  To offer Families and youths that love fish a unique experience to celebrate the Fisheries with Music, dance and drama by leading celebrities as influencers of society

Previous editions of the event.

This is the second edition of the fish festival with the 1st edition of the Jinja Fish Festival held in Jinja on 2nd December 2018. The festival brought together over  1500 people from across the country including fishery experts, schools, fishing communities, hoteliers and families that love fish. There were numerous exhibitions on this event in the various aspects of the fisheries and aquaculture industry like Fishery technology, Hoteliers, SMEs in Fisheries.

The festival brought together over 1500 people from across the country

  Darks Kartel entertaining the crowd.

Other activities which took place at the event included school quiz competitions  music dance and drama as well as entertainment from Cultural performers, National artists, and Jinja artists

What to expect this year.

This year’s edition is projected to be bigger and better with more activities from various sectors of the fish industry and lots of entertainment and fun. The activities will include;

  • Sector players will exhibit their products, technologies, and services
  • Hotels and restaurants will  exhibit the best fish menus
  • Schools will also to exhibit
  • There will be visual art display on Blue Economy
  • Lots of  drama promoting the Blue Economy
  • Young Blue Economy Awareness School Quiz competitions covering areas of sustainable fisheries, food security, and poverty reduction
  • Entertainment from local and national artists.
There will be School Quiz competitions in sustainable fisheries
Musicians will entertain the crowd at the Fish festival

Partners in the fish festival.

  • DFiR
  • FFOU
  • Katosi Women
  • MAK
  • WCU
  • Women Processors & Traders Ass
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