Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA)

Uganda Fish Processors & Exporters Association (UFPEA) was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organisation that brings together all industrial fish processors in Uganda. Later it formally registered in 1999 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital.                                                The core business of UFPEA members is processing, value addition and export of fish and fishery products to different destinations that include the European Union which accounts for over 75% of total exports in terms of volume followed by the Middle East, Singapore China, Japan, USA , COMESA and the regional market.UFPEA provides business development services to its members and through the association, efforts are made to advocate for policies that favour the fish sub sector.

Through sustained investments in workforce capacity building and outstanding facilities, the industry has been transformed into a modern processing industry making fish and fishery products the leading non-traditional export product from Uganda, for now more than a decade. UFPEA’s dynamic partnership with MAAIF (the EU’s appointed Competent Authority) has contributed to the state of confidence expressed by international bodies, such as the FVO (Food and Veterinary Office) of the European Commission, in Uganda’s ability to manage the requisite food safety control system for Uganda’s fish exports.

Overview of UFPEA and Statistics.

  • Membership                                                                                         Currently membership consists of 11 fish processing firms whose Locations include 2 in Jinja, 1 in Rakai, 4 in Kampala, and 4 in Entebbe.The “Quality Assurance Managers Association” (QAMA) is an affiliated association of UFPEA comprising of the Quality Assurance Managers within the industry who pool their expertise to ensure a harmonized approach towards fish quality and safety issues.                                                                                                              11 state of the art processing plants that are currently in operation
  • Employs about 32,000 workers of which more than 90% are Uganda citizens.
  • Fish benefits over 5 million Ugandans who derive incomes for their livelihoods.
  • Exports over averagely above 29,000 metric tonnes annually of fish products to international markets
  • Export revenue USD 116 million per year on average


Chairman, UFPEA

Mr. Sujal Goswami

Karmic Foods Ltd

Vice Chairman, UFPEA

Mr. Rakesh Shetty

Lake Bounty (U) Ltd

Treasurer, UFPEA

Mr. James K.C

Aqua Perch Ltd

Executive Committee member

Executive Committee member

Mr. Philip Borel

Mr. Shahul Hameed

Greenfields (U) Ltd

Nyanza Perch Ltd

Chairman, QAMA

Mr. Moses Tenywa

Lake Bounty Ltd

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Ovia Katiti Matovu


Our Vision

To be an Association where individual members work together to promote a sustainable, quality oriented, market and high value focussed approach in the fisheries sub-sector in Uganda.

Mandate of the UFPEA Secretariat

  • To coordinate all relevant information /activities and disseminate it to members.
  • Lobby and mobilize technical assistance as requested by member companies
  • Initiate projects and programmes for members.
  • Advocate for appropriate policies and programmes as well as resolving constraints and challenges facing the industry through public /private partnerships.

Our Mission

To set up mechanisms to ensure full participation of members in promoting Uganda’s fish products; To work in partnership with government with respect to policies and programmes in the fisheries sector and To promote the sustainable use of fisheries resources and comprehensive quality management systems in the fisheries industry.


Our members mainly export value added products which are chilled and frozen Nile Perch (Lates Niloticus) in various product forms, such as/

  • Headed and gutted
  • Skin on and skinless fillets
  • Air bladders (fish maws)
  • Fish heads
  • Portions
  • Steaks
  • Loins
  • Others

Nile Perch nutritional attributes

The Nile Perch is known for its high level of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is a firm white flesh fish caught in the wild waters of Lake Victoria and other fresh water lakes in the East African region.

High value product and value Addition

Through various projects, UFPEA has encouraged her members to obtain the highest value for all parts of the fish, including by-products such as trimmings for fish fingers, skin for leather product, fats for oil, heads and hygienically processed frames for the domestic and regional markets


Nile Perch is sourced from the wild catch in Lake Victoria, which sustains the largest inland fishery in the world, with a surface area of 68,800 km sq.Sustainability of fishery resources is a top priority for UFPEA as illustrated by self-regulatory mechanism in the UFPEA members Code of Conduct. The unit value of exported products has been steadily increasing; however this increase has not fully compensated the decline in export volumes.


The high value obtained for fishery products exported by the industry is the result of its ability to access and consolidate market share in major world markets, in particular the European Union. Other export markets include the Middle East, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, Japan, and Australia.



UFPEA works hand in hand with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) to implement the fish industry’s commitment to cleaner production and to mitigate possible environmental impacts.

UFPEA members are strict on sanitation and quality.


The fish industry in Uganda boasts of maintaining a high level of quality and safety in fish products. UFPEA has offered all members opportunities for training in implementation of HACCP, as well as ISO standards such as ISO 9001:2000 management standard, ISO 14000 Environmental standard, ISO 2200: 2005 food safety focussed standard and BRC standards. Traceability is a key component of the safety control system throughout the fish supply chain. Under the coordination of QAMA, factories have put in place relevant traceability systems.

The Department of Fisheries Resources, which also acts as the Competent Authority, carries out regular tests on the fish, water, and water sediments to check for heavy metals, pesticide residues and other relevant parameters. Most tests can be carried out in the country by internationally accredited laboratories.

UFPEA Self –Monitoring & control Programme.

As a measure to control the illegalities that hit the fish industry in the mid 2000 leading to reduction in fish stocks, In 2007 UFPEA members made a commitment in to regulate the fish being processed in their respective factories. A self-policing and control programmes was started with appointment of independent inspectors who carry out impromptu inspection in all fish processing companies. An understanding was reached with the Department of Fisheries to sanction with deterrent measures any fish factory found non-compliant. This measure has greatly contributed to efforts leading to the recovery the Nile Perch stocks.

The association was awarded a certification mark (logo) in recognition of her commitment to sustainable fisheries of the Nile Perch

UFPEA Networks and Partnerships.

Directorate of Fishery Resources.

UFPEA enjoys healthy relations with government Ministries and Departments in a number of ways.

The Directorate of Fisheries Resources under Ministry of MAAIF provides inspection and regulatory services to the industry. Regular consultative meetings are held to handle the problems and challenges faced.

Government also put in place a Fisheries Protection Unit consisting of army officers in 2016 to spearhead the fight against illegal fishing and trade in immature fish which target domestic and regional markets.

UFPEA is a member of the following organizations:

  • Private Sector Foundation of Uganda.
  • East Africa Industrial Fishing & Fish Processors Association


Over the years, UFPEA has generated and assisted with the management and funding of a significant number of projects. As such, it has been a close partner of EU/ACP institutions such as the CDE (Centre for Development of Enterprises) and programs such as PROINVEST and FISH II, among other organizations, USAID and UNIDO figure prominently.

CDE supported projects:

  • March 1998 – August 2000 – Support of Technical Advisor :Consultant- Marina Reussens UGA/9701/02/F1
  • 1998 – 1999 – Set up of Quality Management programmes: Consultant – by Dr. Roland Vanthuyne UGA/9906/00/F1. Capacity building in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and HACCP systems among members
  • 2005 Value addition market study and Conference UGA/0508/01/F1


  • May 2006 Participation in Brussels Seafood Exhibition – UGA/0602/01/F1 – UFPEA members exhibited their products and were able to access new markets.
  • November 2008 – Evaluation of FVO mission of 2006: Consultant – Dr. Roland Vanthuyne. This was to evaluate the fish industry’s compliance to FVO mission recommendations.
  • June 2009 – Energy Audit of Fish Processing Factories: Consultants- Konserve Consult Ltd (Uganda) & EnergiMidt A/S (Denmark). UGA/9907/04/F1 – Project aimed at building capacity to minimise operating costs by saving and using electricity supply efficiently.
  • July 2011 Effectively Fish Safety & Quality assurance at all levels in the fish industry along the upstream EAF/0911/01/F1: Consultant – Dr. Roland Vanthuyne- Project assisted the Competent Authority to install Environmental and Residue monitoring programme
  • Integrated inspections at regional level of the Self monitoring & Control Programme
  • Develop a regional website and update national association websites.
  • Develop Public Relations Strategy & Data Policy
  • Printing of promotional materials for fish industry – Brochures, Newsletter, Posters

GIZ supported projects

  • November 2018 – The Review of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Bill 2018: Consultant-Begumanya .K
  • December 2018 -Financing Mechanism of the Fish sector :Consultant-Begumanya .K
  • March 2018 – review the UFPEA Inspection guidelines: Consultant-Begumanya .K Perry
  • June 2019 – Training of factories production staff and suppliers on the reviewed guidelines

UNIDO’s support

  • Training of Quality Assurance managers in the implementation of ISO 22000:2005 management systems.


The development of the fish industry has generated opportunities for a strong cluster of service providers.

Among these, we recognize:

  • Charter and scheduled Cargo flights – SN Brussels, Emirates, KLM, Avient, Turkish Airlines, BA, South Africa Airways, MK Airlines, etc.
  • Major International Freight Forwarders companies and suppliers of frozen containerized transportation – Interfreight, Maersk Damco, Kenfreight etc.
  • Handling Services and cold storage facilities at Entebbe International Airport.- ENHAS, ROKABOND
  • Internationally Accredited Laboratories – Chemiphar (U), Uganda National Bureau of Standards,
  • Packaging Materials – Hwan sung Industries Ltd, Quality Plastics, Omega Plastics, Oscar Industries Ltd, Makss packaging Industries, etc.
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