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Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the supreme and policy making organ of the
Association composed of paid up members. UFPEA's financial year ends on 31st July and
an AGM is held thereafter to elect an Executive Committee that is entrusted with
executing annual work plans and overseeing implementation of day to day activities of
the association.

Executive Committee (EC) is the governing body of UFPEA. It consists of 6 members
that include Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and two committee members.

Quality Assurance Managers Association (QAMA) is a sub-association of UFPEA
comprising of the Quality Assurance Managers within the industry who work tiresly to
ensure the safety and high quality fish products.

The Secretariat is headed by a Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for day to day
administration and implementation of the association's policies, programmes and
activities. It currently has a three full time staff