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Our members mainly export chilled and frozen Nile Perch (Lates Niloticus) and Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) in various product forms, such as:
Whole gutted | Headed and gutted | Skin on and skinless fillets | Air bladders (fish maws) | Fish heads | Portions | Steaks | Loins | Others

Tilapia fillets and whole gutted fish are exported on a small scale to regional markets and sold to local supermarkets.

The high value obtained for fishery products exported by the industry is the result of it's ability to access and consolidate market share in major world markets, in particular the European Union. Other export markets include the Middle East, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, Japan, Australia, and within the regional markets.

Air freight of chilled products packed in expanded polystyrene boxes is currently the main means to reach EU markets. Frozen products are also exported in 20 or 40 ' reefer containers that transit by Mombasa harbour on their way to a widearray of international markets.

Nile Perch is sourced from the wild catch in Lake Victoria, which sustains the largest inland fishery in the world, with a surface area of 68,800 km sq. Sustainability of fishery resources is a top priority for UFPEA as illustrated by self regulatory mechanism in the UFPEA members Code of Conduct. The unit value of exported products has been steadily increasing, however this increase has not fully compensated the decline in export volumes.

Nile Perch

Major importing countrys:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Middle East
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Rwanda
  • DRC
  • Sudan
  • Egypt
  • Spain
  • USA
  • China